Simplicity is Key to market technology.

Por: Max Gorissen

I think everyone remember some years ago when the dot com fiascos were alleged exploding technology and “virtual engineering mindsets” (or just a whiz kid), thought they were above the old rules of business and beyond the old needs of marketing.

Most of those masterminds thought they deserved success just because they had invented a new high tech whistle, bell or mousetrap, while all we customers could perceive was a simple need dressed as a complex solution.

I learned a lesson in those years while I helped a couple of those companies to market their products in Latin America: No matter how high the technical complexity, the path to simplicity will get you to the customer quicker. The product or service may be complex, but the motivation to buy it (if you take the trouble to find it) will be simple. Remember, technology is only a tool that may provide control, choice, convenience and clarity to a basic need we, the customers, have.

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