Come on in, we are having a party!

Por: Max Gorissen

Not long ago, a client from Atlanta-Georgia told me that every time he spoke to me he felt the joy and cheerfulness in the way I speak. He said that he related the feeling as if I was saying, “Come on in, we are having a party!”

Well, I am the first to admit that the atmosphere around the office is not one we would always describe as dancing-on-the-tables festive – especially when we are on a deadline – but he was right about the excitement and pleasure I find in what I am doing. Besides, a party is less about the setting and more about the people who are there and in this; I have always been very lucky with the client’s I worked with.

I am mentioning this because, yesterday, I spoke to a new client from Aruba and I felt the same way. I don’t know if the island had some influence but I am sure he was having a lot of fun doing what he was doing. I am very excited to start working with him.

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