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Some things don’t change, and I think it will never change .. Life on board is based on maintenance … but we always have the option: to do it now or leave it for later!

But when it comes to a “new” boat, we won’t leave it for later, will we ?!
We have energy to spare and crazy to see this sailing beauty .. and preferably shining !!!

So while the document isn’t here, let’s work with our new friend, the Sikaflex.

We did several things like:

  • Change piping of “Holding Tank”
  • Fixing the bathroom pump
  • Apply Sikaflex on the windows screws
  • Glue the wood in the external table
  • Polishing
  • Clear Teak
  • Battery replacement

Ooooh I’m tired … there’s more .. but it’s worth watching .. hope you don’t get tired after so much work that happened in this video !!!

Good winds

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Abraços e Bons Ventos!


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