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The Fast 345 sailboat emerged, along with the Fast Yachts shipyard, from a business trip to England, where, Mr. Nelson de Sampaio Bastos, in the year 1980, saw in a London newspaper an advertisement for the sale of the Fast Yachts shipyard (England), went to the company and bought the sailboat molds and accessories.

After the purchase of the English shipyard, having sent everything to Brazil, he installed the materials in a shed on the Rio Pinheiros waterfront, in São Paulo, and set up a production team, starting with the Fast 345, a sailboat that, between 1982 and 1989, had a production of more than 50 sailboats.

Thus began the manufacture of the famous Fast 345 sailboats, a model that has been a reference in Brazilian ocean sailing for many years and, until today, is one of the most desired models in the brazilian used sailboat market.

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Shipyard: Fast Yachts Ltda. – São Paulo – SP

Production Period in Brazil: 1982 a 1989

Model: Fast 345

Class: Originally for the IOR class and today IMS or RGS

Type: Sloop / Regatta or Standard (cruise)

Project: Ron Holland (

Hull material: Fiberglass

Category:Open sea

Propulsion: propeller shaft or saildrive

Sleeps/Overnight: 7 people

Length: 10,52 m

Waterline: 8,99 m

Beam: 3,35 m

Draft: 1,85 m

Sail area (Main and Genoa): 61,00 m²

Sail area (Spinnaker):N/D

Displacement: 5.216 kg

Internal cabin height (maximum):

Water tank:

Oil tank:

Engine (at the time):


Front cover of the Fast 345 owner’s manual.

Download the Fast 345 manuals


Originally, the Fast 345 was called Nicholson 345, an IOR racing sailboat in the late 1970s. However, changes to the IOR rule have made the design less competitive, which is why C&N (Camper & Nicholson) to stop production, which led Fast Yachts to buy the molds and start production in Brazil.


In 1986, the shipyard suffered a fire caused by a short circuit in the electrical installations. Luckily, the only thing that got lost in the fire was the mold of the Fast 345 deck, which had to be redone. No sailboat failed to be delivered, despite the delay. Because of the fire, the contractual delivery period reached 36 months.


Hull, Keel and Rudder

Estaleiro Fast Yachts (Shipyard)

Fast Yachts came from a business trip to England, where, Mr. Nelson de Sampaio Bastos, in the year 1980, saw in a London newspaper an advertisement for the sale of the Fast Yachts shipyard (England), went to the company and bought the sailboat molds and accessories.

Read the full history of the shipyard at: Estaleiro desativado: Fast Yachts Ltda

Known sailboats (if any are missing let us know!)

  • Á Revelia
  • Argos – 1988
  • Akinóis
  • Alleluia
  • Alphorria
  • Atmosfera
  • Australis
  • Aventureiro 1 (has already made two trips to Tenerife)
  • Bally-Mena
  • Blue Bird
  • Bombordo
  • Brilho
  • Carino IV
  • Firulete – 1988 – nº 106
  • Flap
  • Fluck
  • Fugaz
  • Furia – BRA 1355 – 1986
  • Joe
  • Jubiabá
  • Harmonie – 1986
  • Itamaracá – 1983 – nº 38
  • Kutuka
  • Liva
  • Lobo
  • Mahalo – 1985 – ex. Amostra Grátis e Das Das
  • Mandala
  • My Toy
  • Noctiluca II – 1987 – nº 108
  • Pandora – 1988
  • Pegassus
  • Petit Prince – 1987 (traveled all over the Brazilian coast and to the USA)
  • Phisalia
  • Plankton
  • Prana – 1981 – nº 6 – actual: Êxodo
  • Quindungo
  • Radun
  • Revanche
  • Serelepe – BRA 1172
  • Shanty
  • Shark
  • Solei
  • Spiro Gyro – 1983
  • Tara’a
  • Terra Firme – 1986 (sailboat sailed to the USA)
  • The Best is Yet to Come
  • Tijupá – 1987 – actual: Flap
  • TinkerBell II – 1986
  • Titikaka
  • To Atoa
  • Tom II – 1982
  • Tranquilo – 1984 – nº 39 – name before: JL
  • Trimado
  • Triton (sailed around the world with Frans Prijkel)
  • Um dia pra vadiar – ex. Deborah
  • Vapensiero
  • Vó Carmen
  • Solei


Behind this sailboat of unknown design, a Fast 345 abandoned for years – Shipyard in Ubatuba – SP.


Eduardo Augusto de Gouveia (05/27/2020)

My name is Eduardo Augusto de Gouveia and, in order to help this publication, I inform that I am the owner of the Fast 345 sailboat named PRANA, today with the name ÊXODO, manufactured in 1981, identification plate number 6 in the factory series and possibly a British made sailboat since the operation in Brazil started in 1982. Êxodo underwent several reforms during its existence and remains firm and strong sailing in the waters of Ubatuba – SP. If you need pictures I can send you some.
Strong hug and fair winds.

João Carlos Pereira (05/27/2020)

Good morning Max,

You asked to let me know if any Fast 345 is missing from the list … please add Aventureiro 1, a sailboat that has already made two trips to Tenerife, see photos below.

Michel Tesser (05/28/2020)

Good Morning,

I read the article about Fast 345. Very cool and congratulations on the initiative. My father Carlos Cesar Tesser, is the owner of Fast 345, nº 38, 1983, with the name ITAMARACÁ, it is located at the Saco da Capela in Ilha Bela – SP. Wonderful sailboat.

Follows photo.

Thank you in advance.

Fast 345 sailboat Itamaracá at Saco da Capela – Ilha Bela – SP. Photo: Michel Tesser

Sergio Benac (05/28/2020)

Very interesting to know the origin of Fast Shipyard and the 345 … I got to know the Fast 345 named Triton, at the time, owned by Frans Prijkel, who with him went around the world and the Fast 345 named Shark, which was owned by Menno Van Den Berg.

Norberto Zaniboni (07/29/2020)

I enjoyed finding this article about Fast 345.

I own Firulete (never changed the name), hull nº 106, year 1988, based in Florianópolis.

Firulete sailboat in Port of Spain, capital of Trinidad-Tobago, in 2012 – Photo: Norberto Zaniboni

In 2010 I did the Costa Leste (ABVC), Refeno and Fenat with the sailboat and, in 2012/13 I went further, Caribbean, Azores, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Canaries and Cabo Verde. These trips are registered in the

The boat was above expectations. Extremely good on the sea, safe, and very resistant. I have treated Firulete like a jewel and I think it will go on for many decades, because it owes nothing to a new one.

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As you know, today, the vast majority of sailboats that are in use in Brazil are not new, as well as the vast majority of sailors today in Brazil are not thinking about buying a new sailboat… the vast majority, today, if planning to buy a sailboat, it will be a used sailboat… the “good old sailboat”.

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