Itajaí Sailing Team invests in training its crew

Itajaí Sailing Team - Foto: Alexandre Filho

Sailor Alexandre de Souza Filho, crew member of the Itajaí Sailing Team (IST), completed the second stage of the Sail Monitor Course, organized by the Brazilian Sailing Confederation (CBvela). He had already taken the first stage of the course, which is a prerequisite for the Level 2 Clinic, earlier this year.

It is a specific training, to standardize and level the knowledge about the best practices and skills of teaching sailing for new professionals, with little or no practical experience. This happens because the Sailing Clinic provides the necessary tools for teaching, enabling the instructors.

Itajaí Sailing Team – Alexandre Filho

This stage of the course deepens the knowledge already acquired for a good training of the Sailing Instructor, teaching professionals how to develop and manage a standardized class, with a focus on safe, pleasant practices and student learning, with activities from initiation to training for regattas”, says the sailor. He also points out that the course integrates participants to the staff of Sailing Instructors of the National Sailing Development Program (CBVela / PND), qualifying them as sailing instructors recognized by CBVela.

The manager and captain of IST, Alexandre Santos, highlights the importance of investing in the training of crew members, since the Itajai team was created with the objective of spreading the learning of sailing and awakening new talents for this sport, in Itajaí and Santa Catarina. “Alexandre de Souza Filho is an example of this”, adds the commander.

Xandinho, as he is called by the crew, joined the itajaiense sailing team at the age of 14, as a young sailor, remaining in this position until the age of 16, when he became an IST crew member. Today, at the age of 20, in addition to manning the team’s competition boat, the boy is one of the instructors at the Itajaí Sailing Team Sailing School.

Itajaí Sailing Team – Alexandre Filho

This course made me realize that I need to improve myself even more, acquire new knowledge. These courses make it possible for me to exchange experiences, meet important people and understand the real objective; besides knowing how to deal with a child in a competitive environment, how to make him become a sailor”, He adds.

The Itajaí Sailing Team project is sponsored by APM Terminals Itajaí, Portonave, Multilog, Platinum Log, Braskarne Terminal, Brasfrigo, Barra do Rio Terminal, Conexão Marítima and the support of Molim, B&G Sailing Eletronics, Nob Multisports and Marina Itajaí.

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