Torben Grael among the winners of the Paulista Ocean Sailing Championship – 11th Ubatuba Sailing Festival

Barco Lady Lou de Torben Grael - Crédito: Aline Bassi / Balaio de Ideias

Boats from Santos (SP), Rudá / Blue Seal, and Fugaz SP took the trophy in classes IRC and RGS B. Lars Grael and his boat Avohai finished 3rd in the IRC

This Monday, the São Paulo Ocean Champions where defined at the 11th edition of the Ubatuba Sailing Festival, held by the Ubatuba Iate Clube, in the city of Ubatuba (SP), on the north coast of São Paulo. It was the second event on the ABVO (Brazilian Ocean Sailing Association) sailing calendar after the quarantine.

Barco Avohai de Lars Grael – Crédito: Aline Bassi / Balaio de Ideias

The competition, which has become one of the main ones on the national calendar, was the Paulista Ocean Sailing Championship in the IRC and BRA-RGS categories and featured four races over the three days of competition, a 30-mile long race on the first day and in other barla-sota regattas.

In the RGS-A class, the boat Lady Lou, commanded by Torben Grael, two-time Olympic champion in the Star class in Athens, Greece, in 2004, and Atlanta 1996, was the winner. winning all four races. The boat Zeus was second only one point ahead of the boat Kamua.

Barco Rudá de Mario Martinez – Crédito: Aline Bassi / Balaio de Ideias

“Despite having a festive name, it has a difficulty in sailing because it is a place of normally weak winds and an area with waves. It is not for nothing that we have the island of the Mar Virado here. We have many cruise boats, like the mine, and the receptivity of the club to the participants makes the event very pleasant, “said Torben.

In the IRC class, won the Santos Rudá boat, commanded by Mario Martinez, also made an impeccable championship winning all four races leaving King in second with three second places and Avohai, new boat commanded by Lars Grael – from Rio Yacht Sailing from Niterói (RJ) and Yacht Club of Rio de Janeiro -, closing the podium.

“It is very good to win the São Paulo Sailing Ocean title. An important event, we had light winds every day, good condition for my boat, so everything went well. It was good, another return event, very good number of boats preset in the face of a pandemic. And now we are going to the 70th Santos-Rio in October “, described Mário.

Award with Torben Grael accompanied by his wife Andrea Grael and Alex Calabria – Credit: Aline Bassi / Balaio de Ideias

“The Ubatuba Sailing Festival started small, but it is an event that has been gaining space in the National Ocean Sail and is generating a very positive reputation for the Ubatuba Yacht Club that welcomes us very well. It is indeed a pleasure to be here sailing with these teams”, described Lars Grael who won his Olympic medals in 1988 in Seoul and 1996 in Atlanta, both in the Tornado class.

In the RGS-B class, the title went to the Santos Fugaz SP boat, owned by Fernando Filoni with Escapada in second place and Mahalo in third.

“The Ubatuba Sailing Festival was a very important race for our club. It was not easy to organize it, but at the end of the event I have the feeling that they were all happy. We had very good technical races, I hope we were able to contemplate and satisfy all classes “, said Alex Calabria, assistant director of sailing at Ubatuba Iate Clube and organizer of the event.

Equipe Rudá/Blue Seal – Crédito: Aline Bassi / Balaio de Ideias

The event had yet another test of the tracking system set up by Commander Bayard Filho, from Inaê 40 in partnership with ABVO for monitoring sailboats throughout the races, the RaceQS App.

There were about forty boats comming from the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and sailboats from Niterói (RJ), Angra dos Reis (RJ), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Paraty (RJ), Ilhabela (SP), Santos ( SP), Guarujá (SP) and Ubatuba (SP).

The event paid tribute to Torben Grael for his achievements in national sailing and also the Brasil 1 boat that competed in the Volvo Ocean Race with trophies in the shape of a sailboat.

The Paulista Ocean Sailing Championship – 11th edition of the Ubatuba Sailing Festival – was supported by North Sails, Balaio de Ideias, Tintas International, Farol das Tintas, Imola and Monaco Floating Stations, Farma Conde, VBros, Renew Boats, Telesmar, Secretary of Sports of Ubatuba, BRA-RGS, ABVO, and FEVESP.

Barco Fugaz SP e Vó Monik -Crédito: Aline Bassi / Balaio de Ideias

Final Results:

Classe IRC

1 – Rudá/Blue Seal (Clube Internacional de Regatas,Santos) – 3 points

2 – King (Iate Clube de Santos) – 6 points

3 – Avohai (Rio Yacht Sailing, Niterói, e Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro) – 10 points

4 – Asbar IV ( Iate Clube de Santos) – 12 points

5 – Xamã (Yacht Clube Ilhabela) – 14 points

6 – Bravo (Clube Internacional de Regatas) 15 points

7 – Inaê 40 (Pier 27 , Santos) – 17 points

8 – Argos (Ubatuba Iate Clube) 21

9 – Aries V (Ubatuba Iate Clube) – 29

10 – Boto V (Farol Paraty) – 29

11 – My Boy (Lisarb, Ilhabela) – 30

12 – Montecristo – Ubatuba Iate Clube) 32

13 – 834 Jacaré – (Yacht Club Ilhabela) 41

Classe RGS-A

1 – Lady Lou – 3 pontos

2 – Zeus – 7 pontos

3 – Kamua – 8 pontos

4 – Superbakkana – 10 pontos

5 – Beleza Pura 2 – 15

6 – Bwana 1 – 18

7 – Kameha Meha – 19

8 – Maria Preta – 24

9 – Anaue 1 – 30

Classe RGS-B

1 – Fugaz SP – 6 pontos

2 – Escapada – 8 pontos

3 – Mahalo – 12 pontos

4 – Alleluia – 18

5 – Baforada III 19

6 – Borimbora – 30

7 – Beiramar – 32

Bico de Proa

1- Vó Minik

2 – Reggae

3 – Marvin

4 – Best Fellow

5 – Atobá

5 – Invicto


1 – Maré XX

2 – Reforça

3 – Guará III


Photos: Boat Lady Lou by Torben Grael, boat Avohai by Lars Grael, boat Rudá by Mario Martinez, boat Fugaz SP and award with Torben Grael accompanied by his wife Andrea Grael and Alex Calabria and team Rudá / Blue Seal / Credit: Aline Bassi / Balaio de Ideias

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Translated by Max Gorissen – SailBrasil Editor and Full Member of the Yachting Journalist’s Association – UK

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