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My name is Maximilian Immo Orm Gorissen, however, everyone in sailing knows me by Max Gorissen.

I am a sailor, writer and editor. I live in São Paulo and can be found on weekends sailing with the family along the coast of São Paulo in my sailboat named Gaia 1.

A business administrator and always professionally involved with the technology industry, I specialized in creating innovative business strategies for companies interested in exploring new ways to compete in a market transformed by technology.

Charmed with sailing and sailboats, I created the site SailBrasil.com.br in 2008 to offer content on this subject. The website immediately became a reference for both the nautical market and the sailing folks, who found in its pages a way to be informed, through interviews, columns, highlights, comments, opinions, reports and news relevant to the sailing community.


With this website, I hope to meet three needs common to every sailor:

  1. Be up-to-date with what happens in the world of sailing;
  2. Get the information you need to build, repair, maintain or improve your sailboat / Sailing;
  3. Provide a place where recreational sailors can find information and tips for cruising or competing in Brazil.


Passion for sailing and sailboats

Who visits SailBrasil.com.br immediately realizes the passion that exists for sailing in everything we do, a passion that is not always found in other digital and printed media about the nautical market.

Whoever visits the site and reads the magazines, the stories, the articles and the news, realizes that they are dealing with people who are sailors in their “essence”, because, as a premise, all who “work” for SailBrasil owns a sailboat or sails as crew.




I hope you like it … because life is better on a sailboat!

Fair winds!



Max Gorissen


Sailor, writer and editor … in that order …


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