Soto 40 (Divulgação Copa Mitsubishi)

Renata Bellotti celebrates her return to the Phytoervas 4Z team

Sailor will participate in the next stage of the Mitsubishi Cup, this weekend

During participation in the program Loucos por Barcos, broadcasted last Wednesday (01) on the Náutica YouTube channel, sailor Renata Bellotti spoke about her return to the Phytoervas 4Z ocean sailing team. She is part of the crew of the team that competes in the 2nd stage of the Mitsubishi Cup, in Ilhabela.

Last weekend (28th and 29th), Renata joined the team in the first regattas of this stage of the competition. On the next Saturday and Sunday (4th and 5th), the last races of the 2nd stage will take place, where she will also be present.

The Phytoervas 4Z sailboat remains among the first places in the ORC class after the first weekend’s races. In the Gold division, the team is behind only of Phoenix, owned by Eduardo Souza Ramos. When all the sailboats that measure the ORC – Offshore Racing Congress rule are added together, the team appears in fourth place overall.

Renata Bellotti at Loucos por Barcos – Náutica (Youtube Reproduction) – Image provided by OnBoard Sports

Renata has a strong connection with Phytoervas 4Z. Her husband and also sailor Juan De La Fuente and her brother Marcelo Bellotti are part of the crew, with whom she has been sailing since childhood, where they fell in love with sailing.

In her participation in the program, she commented on the return to the team.

“I’m always in contact with the team, I can’t always participate in training, but I always try to be around. Then came the invitation for me to take command of the boat (rudder) at this stage of the Mitsubishi Cup, replacing Fabio Bruggioni who could not participate”, said Renata, who had the role of helmsman on the Soto 40 vessel in the competitions in the São Sebastião Channel.

Check out the full program of Loucos por Barcos with the participation of the sailor:

Renata Bellotti is gradually competing in ocean sailing again after being the mother of little Luca, who is now 2 years and 5 months old. Aboard the Phytoervas 4Z, the sailor from São Paulo hopes to help the team fight for the first positions in the ORC class in the championship. In addition to the ORC, the Mitsubishi Cup has the BRA-RGS, C30 and HPE25 classes. The conclusion of the second stage will be on June 4th and 5th, at the same location.

Know how Renata has plenty to guide Phytoervas 4Z alongside her teammates. The sailor even performed this role and others on the boats Doox, Montecristo, ESPN Brasil, BMW, Alpha Instruments and other teams.

It’s amazing to feel the adrenaline of a regatta again, I’m extremely competitive, and also the challenge of facing nature, with strong winds while sailing. It motivates me a lot. In addition, the possibility of disconnecting a little from life, leaving problems on land, and feeling the wind, the noise of the water hitting the boat is what counts for me! ”, said the sailor during her participation in Loucos por Barcos.

The helmsman, in addition to the Phytoervas 4Z regattas, will still be a key part of the Ruda XX boat, alongside Daniela Sanchez, Andrea Grael and Valéria Ravani, a 100% female sailboat registered in the 49th edition of the Ilhabela Sailing Week.

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Featured photo: Soto 40 (Divulgação Mitsubishi Cup) – Aline Bassi/ Balaio de Idéias

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