Brazilian heads referees in SSL Gold Cup regattas, the Sailing World Cup

International sailing judge Ricardo Navarro chairs the SSL Gold Cup Race Committee. Qualifying for the finals in Bahrain takes place in Switzerland

The Brazilian Ricardo Navarro commands the SSL Gold Cup regattas, an event considered the Sailing World Cup.

This week, the international judge is at Lake Neuchâtel, in Grandson, Switzerland, following all the actions of the European and South American qualifiers for the Bahrain finals between October 28 and November 20, 2022.

The team from Brazil is already classified and will enter directly into the round of 16.

Ricardo Navarro’s role is to lead the team of international referees, in addition to coordinating all the technical part in the water.

In the innovative knockout format competition, the same as in the FIFA World Cup finals, sailors have the same boats and dress like football players. The judges too, only a uniform that looks more like NFL officials in football.

According to Ricardo Navarro, the innovative format of the SSL Gold Cup has everything to be used in the main sailing championships in the world. The regattas offer a unique challenge with equal opportunities for all teams, who race in exactly the same boat, the SSL 47, a 14-meter high-performance sailboat, delivered by the organization.

It’s a whole new concept in a competition between countries with equal boats and equipment for everyone. In the end, the luck factor is minimized and the best really win. SSL came to revolutionize sailing and in my opinion it should be at the Olympic Games in the near future ”, said Ricardo Navarro.

With participation in the Olympics, Pan Americans and sailing world championships, Ricardo Navarro will also be the sailing technical delegate at the Paris 2024 Games. The Brazilian will coordinate the races in Marseille and will have under his umbrella all the referees, communication, technical part, volunteers, regatta sites, and everything related to the sport.

Unlike what happens in the Olympic Games, where the medal race rewards the most regular boat taking into account the results of previous races, the SSL Gold Cup will be won by the team that runs the fastest at the time of the decision. The countries will be eliminated phase by phase until the Grand Final, with only four selections. The trophy will be organized every four years by the Sailing Athletes Foundation (SAF).

The event is democratic and the countries, through their sailors, are classified in the ranking. SSL offers conditions for nations to come to the event even without being able to bring sailors in team format. Brazil has a strong team and we will see the team in the grand final in Bahrain, I hope we win the SSL Gold Cup and the hexa in Qatar ”.

It is worth emphasizing that the International Olympic Committee was named after Brazilian Ricardo Navarro to coordinate sailing in Paris 2024 at the request of World Sailing, the highest sailing entity in the world. The race officer was chosen to be the liaison between the sport’s federations and the IOC. Alongside Ricardo Navarro at Paris 2024 will be Pinar Coskuner Genç (TUR) as official, Ana Sanchez Del Campo Ferrer (ESP), as President of the International Jury, Jurgen Cluytmans (BEL) and President of the Technical Committee.

Photo: SSL Gold Cup

SSL Gold Cup Qualifiers

This Saturday (11), the SSL Gold Cup promoted two more regattas for each key. Among the South Americans, Peru won the races of the day, with Chile in second and Uruguay in third. The table now has the Chileans, as the athlete based in Brazil, Felipe Etchenique as a tactician in the lead with 16 points. Peru and Uruguay are still alive with 14 points each and Venezuela, already eliminated, with six.

In the European key, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic share the lead with 13 points, followed by Portugal with 12 and Turkey with 11 points. The decision will be this Sunday (12) with double points. Two nations from each group advance to the finals in Bahrain in October and November.

Brazil is already confirmed in the knockout stage of the new competition and will have a team led by the two-time Olympic champion Robert Scheidt, alongside the multi-champions Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze. Another South American that will be in the disputes is Argentina, commanded by the sailing idol Santiago Lange.

Featured photo: Ricardo Navarro – SSL Gold Cup – Photo provided with the article by the On Board Sports team

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