Brazilian Sailing Team ready to compete at the 2022 Hague Youth World Cup

The Brazilian Sailing Team for the 2022 Hague Youth World Cup is defined with 14 representatives in six classes. The competition for the new generation of the sport will be from July 9th to 16th.

The athletes called up are: Guilherme Araújo and Milena Araújo (Hobie Cat 16), Guilherme Menezes and Fernando Menezes (29er), Clara Meyer and Lívia Nogueira (29er), Alex Kuhl and Handrey Cantini (420) and Joana Gonçalves and Luísa Madureira (420 ). Erick Carpes (Ilca), Júlia Carreirão (Ilca), Marcos Americano (Kite) and Sofia Faria (iQFoil).

The athletes will embark on the 2nd of July to Holland. There are confirmed 450 sailors from 69 countries ready for this year’s regattas in the Dutch city. The World Championships were first held in Sweden in 1971 and is one of World Sailing’s premier events to help promote young people’s participation in high-profile events.

The group chosen to defend Brazil at the 2022 Hague Youth World Cup is the first in history to have athletes up to 17 years old, which proves the strong development work adopted in the youth categories by CBVela.

‘We have a strong renewal of the Brazilian team in progress and this work offers us the possibility of having these athletes again in the campaign for one or two more editions of the Youth World Cup. It is part of CBVela’s policy to invest in the development of these boys and girls, who will be defending the country from Paris 2024 onwards”, said Marco Aurélio de Sá Ribeiro, president of CBVela.

A good part of the athletes confirmed at the 2022 Hague Youth World Cup is formed by the project Núcleo de Base of the Brazilian Sailing Confederation. More than 60 athletes of the new generation of the sport receive training at Marina da Glória, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), at Clube Naval Charitas, in Niterói (RJ), or in championships abroad.

The work is aimed at ensuring that younger competitors arrive well-prepared for top championships, such as the Olympic Games in Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032. The High Performance Nucleus is a partnership between the Brazilian Sailing Confederation (CBVela) with the Special Secretariat for Sport of the Ministry of Citizenship to support the preparation of all Brazilian teams in the sport in their basic categories.

”Before the Youth World Cup, CBVela promoted two training camps for the Brazilian Team with activities in and out of water to improve the team’s performance, which will face important events in the second semester. The idea is to hold more training camps during the year and the initiative’s main supporter is the National Secretary for High Performance, in addition to the COB – Brazilian Olympic Committee,” concluded Marco Aurélio de Sá Ribeiro.

The partnership between the Brazilian Sailing Confederation (CBVela) and the Special Secretariat for Sport of the Ministry of Citizenship was defined at the end of last year, implementing the first Núcleo de Base for the Sailing modality (NEBAR) to support the preparation of all Brazilian teams of the modality in its basic categories.

The official headquarters of the project is Marina da Glória, stage for the Rio 2016 regattas and other major sailing events. Teenagers aged between 13 and 17 are served there, who are part of the selections for the main championships, such as the World Sailing Youth World Cup.

Brazil has a total of 14 medals in the history of the Youth World Cup, which has been held annually since 1971. There are five gold, three silver and six bronze. The first medal was obtained by Robert Scheidt in the Laser class in Largs, Scotland, in 1991. The last edition took place in Oman in 2021. The 2020 championship would be in Salvador (BA), but it was canceled due to COVID-19.

World Youth Medals


Largs 1991 – Robert Scheidt – Laser

Fukuoka 1997 – Ricardo Winicki – Mistral

Cidade do Cabo 1998 – Ricardo Winicki – Mistral

Búzios 2009 – Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze – 420

Zadar 2011 – Martin Lowy/Kim Vidal – SL16


Marathon 1994 – Rodrigo Amado /Leonardo Santos – Laser II

Weymouth 2006 – Bruno Vilela Frey/ Ricieri Vidal Marchi – Hobie Cat 16Spin, Open

Langkawi 2016 – Leonardo Lombardi/Rodrigo Luz – 420


Cidade do Cabo 1998 – Andre Cahu /Victor de Azevedo Costa – HobieCat 16

Busan 2005 Mariana Basilio/Gabriela Biekarck – 420

Weymouth 2006 – Marcos Adler/Bruno Leal Faria – 420

Aarhus 2008 – Patricia Freitas – RS:X

Búzios 2009 – Jorge Renato Amaral – RS:X

Langkawi 2016 – Brenno Francioli – RS:X

About CBVela

The Brazilian Sailing Confederation (Confederação Brasileira de Vela – CBVela) is the official representative of sport sailing in the country at the national and international levels. It is affiliated with the International Sailing Federation (World Sailing) and the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB).

Sailing is the sport with the highest number of Olympic gold medals in the history of sport in Brazil: eight. In all, Brazilian sailors have already won 19 medals at the Olympic Games.

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