Children and teenagers gathered last year - Credit: Fred Hoffmann / SIVI Collection.

Vela do Amanhã Regatta brings together boys and girls at the 49th International Sailing Week in Ilhabela

Third edition of the Vela do Amanhã (Sailing of Tomorrow) Regatta will receive children and teenagers from Municipal Vela school projects in eight cities in the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

The 49th edition of the Ilhabela’s International Sailing Week renews the social spirit and encourages the training of young talents for the world of sailing with the Regata do Amanhã, which will take place on Monday, July 25th. The competition, one of the most important in South America, starts on the 23rd and runs until the 30th of July, with headquarters and realization of the Yacht Club of Ilhabela and the Municipality of Ilhabela.

The third edition of the Vela do Amanhã Regatta has already confirmed 11 schools from eight cities on the coast of Rio de Janeiro (Angra dos Reis and Paraty) and São Paulo (Ilhabela, Praia Grande, Guarujá, Caraguatatuba, São Sebastião and Ubatuba). Children and teenagers will be received in the morning with snacks, there will be an integration between all sailing schools, a lecture by the regatta committee and they will be distributed on the boats together with Olympic sailors, world champions and the fastest and most traditional ocean sailing boats, in the early afternoon. At the end of the day, the first places will be awarded in a ceremony at the Yacht Club of Ilhabela.

Children in action at Vela do Amanhã last year – Credit: Aline Bassi / SIVI Collection

The project was formed with the aim of bringing the sailor from the Sailing School closer to the Ocean class. The boy is in Optimist, Dingue, Laser, but the distance between a sailing school and an ocean boat is not because of size, they are different worlds. The school takes the boy from the city’s community and teaches him to sail in a dinghy sailboat. The Vela do Amanhã Regatta is to present the ocean sailboats, in addition to doing a job of integrating the schools. The Paraty School will meet the Praia Grande School, the kids from BL3 in Ilhabela will meet the Angra dos Reis School, so there are two jobs, the unification of schools, bringing the children of the projects to know the Ocean Sailing “, says Cuca Sodré, technical director of the Ilhabela International Sailing Week.

Mauro Dottori, Sailing Director of the Yacht Club of Ilhabela, reinforces the objectives of the event and highlights the revelation of new talents: “Vela do Amanhã is more than a social action, as it aims to attract all the younger kids, some in very precarious financial situations, and take advantage of the fact that they are in sailing schools and give them the pleasure of participating in sailing regattas during the Sailing Week. We did it last year and the effect with the kids was impressive. And we also aim at the sailing itself. We focus on taking children and adolescents out of a situation of vulnerability and putting them in sailing itself, as we are no longer training crew members. From there, great champions come out, like Alex Kuhl, Optimist world champion, the first and only one from Brazil in history. We have 11 confirmed sailing schools, so we hope to be able to show people what’s good and give back to society what we’ve been able to enjoy. “, said Mauro Dottori, Sailing Director at the Yacht Club of Ilhabela.

The sailing schools confirmed so far are:Escola de Vela de Ilhabela, Escola de Vela São Sebastião, Escola Vela Praia Grande, Escola de Vela de Ubatuba, Escola de Vela de Caraguatatuba – Velas ao Vento, Escola de Vela de Paraty, Escola de Vela de Ilha Grande, Escola de Vela de Angra dos Reis, Escola de Vela BL3, Iate Clube de Santos and Secretaria Municipal de Esportes e Lazer do Guarujá.

REGISTRATION– Registration is still open for classes ORC, BRA-RGS, C-30, HPE-25, Clássicos, Bico de Proa, Mini and Multihull, and can be done on the website- br/. The second batch with a discount runs until July 12th. There are already more than 85 boats registered with about 40 days to go before the competition. The competition schedule is also available on the event website. – .

The 49th International Sailing Week of Ilhabela is organized by the Yacht Club of Ilhabela and the Municipality of Ilhabela with production organization by Full Time Eventos e Turismo. The competition is sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors and supported by Brancante Seguros, North Sails and Cerveja Corona. in addition to institutional support from the Sailing Federation of the State of São Paulo (FEVESP), CBVELA, ABVO and the Brazilian Navy. The event has the technical committee of E-ventos and the Communications Department of Tribu Live Mkt.

Featured photo: Children and teenagers gathered last year – Credit: Fred Hoffmann / SIVI Collection.

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