Brazil ends Optimist World Cup with two boys in the Top 10

Brazil ended the Optimist World Championship 2022 with two representatives in the top ten. In the regattas held in Bodrum, Turkey, Davi Neves (ICSC) from Santa Catarina ended the championship in ninth place. Erik Scheidt, son of two-time Olympic champion Robert Scheidt, was in seventh place. The young man competed for Lithuania because of his mother Gintare.

The gold medal went to the Thai Weka Bhanubandh, followed by the American James Pine and the Italian Francesco Carrieri. The event had a total of 12 regattas and brought together 280 sailors up to 15 years old from various countries. All Brazilians were among the top 100.

The national team had more athletes in Turkish waters! ICRJ representative Arthur Back ranked 20th. Joana Freitas, also a Flotilla Zé Carioca athlete, was in 53rd. In the sum of points between the girls, she got the bronze medal. Melissa Paradeda, daughter of world and Pan-American champion Alexandre Paradeda, finished the Worlds 74th and Zion Faria was 95th.

Davi Neves from Santa Catarina liked his result in Bodrum, a competition that marked his debut in international competitions. ”It was my first world championship, a good exchange of experience with athletes from other countries. Very cool to have participated in this international event”.

‘Very good result, even with the responsibility of defending Alex Kuhl’s title in 2021. But this group is still very young and has two more world championships ahead of them. They will be able to reach greater flights in the future,” said Guilherme Born, team leader of the Brazilian Sailing Team.

In the World Cup by teams, Brazil was in eighth place. The title went to the USA who defeated Ukraine in the final.

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”Congratulations to the sailors, coaches, clubs and parents. The Optimist class is the result of the work of many people! Congratulations and may you continue with happiness and achievements in our sport”, said Marcou Aurélio de Sá Ribeiro, president of CBVela.

In addition to OP youth, the Base Core of CBVela – Brazilian Sailing Confederation and the Special Secretariat for High Performance attends to more than 60 athletes of the new generation of the modality in training at Marina da Glória, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), in Clube Naval Charitas, in Niterói (RJ), or in championships abroad.

The work is aimed at ensuring that younger competitors arrive well-prepared for top championships such as the Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games.

Video of the regattas

About CBVela

The Brazilian Sailing Confederation (Confederação Brasileira de Vela – CBVela) is the official representative of sport sailing in the country at the national and international levels. It is affiliated with the International Sailing Federation (World Sailing) and the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB).

Sailing is the sport with the highest number of Olympic gold medals in the history of sport in Brazil: eight. In all, Brazilian sailors have already won 19 medals at the Olympic Games.

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