Brazilian sailing team announces Sertrading as sponsor for the World Cup

New in Brazilian sailing.

On Board Sports sent a press release saying that the Brazilian Sailing Team – SSL Team Brazil and Sertrading, one of the largest foreign trade companies in the country, signed a partnership.

The company will support the boat commanded by five-time Olympic medalist Robert Scheidt.

The sponsorship between Sertrading and the Brazilian Sailing Team was conceived by Bruno Prada, Robert Scheidt’s teammate in the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 medals.

The sailor, who serves as CEO of the Sailing World Cup campaign, in addition to competing at a high level, is responsible for bringing the L’Étape Brasil by Tour de France, the world’s biggest cycling event, to the country.

In the photo are the presidents of Sertrading and the two who made history at Star!

“Sertrading’s sponsorship will generate a much greater strength in the team, which will have a series of benefits to make a great campaign in Bahrain. It is an innovative support that has everything to extend for a long time! I hope we fight for the SSL title,” explained Bruno Prada, CEO of the Brazilian Sailing Team.

With the support of Sertrading, Brazil heads to the SSL Gold Cup, which will be held in November in Bahrain, as one of the big names in the innovative event.

The SSL will have a total of 40 teams, which will face each other in a knockout stage. Brazil has already guaranteed a spot in the round of 16, since it qualified among the top 25 in the SSL ranking by the cut-off date in January of this year.

Having a partnership with Sertrading will boost our performance in this stage. It is a great support for Brazilian sailing, and I hope that more and more companies like Sertrading will support our sport. As team captain I am very happy, it was a great goal that was reached! Now we have to get ready to bring a good result”, said Robert Scheidt, Brazil’s greatest Olympic medalist.

The official announcement of the sponsorship between Sertrading and the Brazilian Sailing Team took place at the company’s headquarters in São Paulo (SP), and the Olympic medalists were welcomed by the employees of the company specialized in foreign trade. Robert Scheidt and Bruno Prada shared their stories of Olympic campaigns and world championships with Sertrading’s employees at the meeting.

We found in sailing a great adherence of values, such as excellence and meticulous planning, but mainly the need for collective effort, above individual performance. I believe that this is the great challenge of modern organizations, the capacity to mobilize together to achieve important and common objectives,” said Alfredo de Goeye, president of Sertrading.

“It is a great honor to support Brazilian sports, especially the Brazilian sailing team. Scheidt can be compared to the greats of the sports world; if he were a tennis player, he would be like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal! We want to place Sertrading in another level”, said Luciano Sapata, vice-president of the company.

The SSL Team Brazil will also have Henry Boening, Mário Trindade, Juninho de Jesus, Alfredo Rovere, Gabriel Borges and Joca Signorini. The training sessions will take place aboard the SSL 47, a 14-meter high performance sailboat, delivered by the organization to the teams. Teams such as Great Britain, Australia, and Holland will also be training in Switzerland.

The Brazilian Sailing Team, which includes Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze, two-time 49erFX Olympic champions, will be complete from August 8, in Grandson, Switzerland, for a training period with the same boat that will be used in the regattas from October 28 to November 20, in the city of Manama, Bahrain.

“I am very excited to be doing the first training session of this year. It’s been a while since we’ve sailed together. We have a very good team and we want to reach the finals well prepared. The idea is to train more on race situations and tactics in Switzerland. The first one was more for adaptation to the boat”, explained Martine Grael.

About Sertrading

Founded in 2001, Sertrading is one of the largest foreign trade companies in Brazil, with operations in more than 15 sectors of the economy, including automotive, pharmaceutical, technology, executive aviation, solar energy, among others. In 2021, the company closed with 16.5 billion reais in import volume and over 100 multinational clients.

The SSL Team Brazil

1 – Alfredo Rovere – bow

2 – Martine Grael – strategy & grinder

3 – Henry Boening Maguila – grinder

4 – Kahena Kunze – second trimmer & grinder

6 – Juninho de Jesus – pit & runners

7 – Gabriel Borges – trimmer & jib/gennaker

8 – Mário Trindade: trimmer & main/trav

9 – Joca Signorini – tactics & grinder

10 – Robert Scheidt – helmsman

20 – Henrique Haddad (Giga) – crew, coach & observer.

CEO: Bruno Prada

Check out the full ranking at

About the SSL Gold Cup

The SSL Gold Cup has since its inception brought together 56 nations among the members of World Sailing to crown the best sailing nation every two years. In a mechanical sport where the race for technology can get in the way of the race for glory, SSL strives for an egalitarian competition where the talent of sailors is at the forefront, and champions become inspirational heroes to new generations. SSL has been a special event of World Sailing since 2017.

As in the Football World Cup, the first qualifying rounds select the teams that advance to the knockout stages. All races are disputed with flotillas of four boats each, up to the quarterfinals. The teams will be placed in brackets, with the top eight guaranteed in the quarter-finals.

Two flotillas of four compete in the quarterfinals to select the four teams that participate in the single Grand Final regatta. The winner of the Grand Final will be crowned Sailing’s Best Nation. SSL has created an innovative format. And the fireworks at the end of the event promise to provide a dramatic conclusion to this incredible global competition.

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