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Launched in 2008, SailBrasil brings news and information about sailing with a focus on Brazil.

Advertising opportunities

SailBrasil strives to provide quality content that supports the sport of sailing (cruising, leisure or competitive) and that attracts a valuable and active audience.

The credibility of our publications (SailBrasil Magazine, Singular by SailBrasil, SailBrasil News and Podcast Bate-papo de Vela), the national and international coverage of our news and our efforts to recover history through the Brazilian Historic Sailboat Registry (RVHB), attracts quality, regular readers, who provide the ideal backdrop for your advertising program.

Advertising opportunities include text, voice and banner ads across SailBrasil’s four editorial media.

All SailBrasil content is also posted separately on its social media, which attracts even more traffic and followers, and makes SailBrasil to be ranked as the #1 website for exclusive sailing news in Brazil.

In order not to be intrusive and uncomfortable for the reader, SailBrasil limits the number of banners and advertisements on the website pages and in reports, magazines, periodicals, photo galleries, videos, Podcasts, etc.

With its focus on Brazil, it benefits advertisers who focus their initiatives in this country.

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SailBrasil is about much more than sailing and sailboats; is about the sailing lifestyle and the relationship between humans and the sea, described through short but beautifully told stories, up-to-date information, beautiful design and stunning photography.

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