Data protection and privacy policy

The portal, or simply SailBrasil, ensures the confidentiality, privacy and protection of its users’ personal data, protecting this information from loss, improper use, unauthorized access, alteration and destruction, thus maintaining a relationship of trust, respect and transparency built with it’s audience.

This policy covers the treatment that the SailBrasil portal gives to information capable of identifying users, whether collected directly on its Internet portal or stored in its electronic databases by other means of collection, such as registrations filled in physical or telephone customer service inquiries.

The entry of the user’s personal data in the SailBrasilportal and the acceptance of navigation cookies do not constitute a requirement to navigate through the portal, being optional. However, some environments will be limited without these requirements.

  • The user who decides to access the portal and provide his personal data declares to know and accept the terms of this Policy.

For the purposes of this Policy, the following considerations must be observed:

1. Data protection and privacy

1.1. The information requested from users is the minimum necessary for the development of the business of the SailBrasil portal and used exclusively for the purpose indicated at the point of collection in compliance with Law 13,709 on the Protection of Personal Data. No information is stored in our databases.

1.2. The employees of the SailBrasil portal involved in the processes are aware of this policy and only qualified and authorized personnel are allowed to access the data provisionally collected (we do not keep the data), under penalty of disciplinary sanctions in case of violation of the rules provided for by the policy.

1.3. The presentation of information will only occur at the request of the user or court order. The SailBrasil portal undertakes to use user information only for the purposes for which it was collected, reserving the right to destroy it after use. The SailBrasilportal requires its partner companies and service providers to guarantee the protection and privacy of data guaranteed in our policy when there is a need to share them.

1.4. The user is aware and agrees that the personal data collected will be used by the SailBrasilportal during access and deleted later, never being provided, distributed or broadcast to its sponsors.

1.5. If we use passwords in any of our portals, it is the user’s responsibility to keep their password and access login. It is not appropriate to use obvious passwords, such as special dates, names or numerical sequences. If the user becomes aware or just suspects that his password has been discovered, he must change it on his registration page immediately.

2. Collection and Use of Navigational Information

2.1. The SailBrasilportal also automatically receives and stores information on its servers about the activities coming from the browser, including the IP address and the page accessed.

3. Collection and Use of Personal Information

3.1. The SailBrasil portal, in compliance with Law 13,709 on the Protection of Personal Data, provisionally collects personal information capable of identifying users when they: a) register on our portal; b) during interaction with its various tools, providing information voluntarily and b) contact us through user service channels.

3.2. Under no circumstances does the SailBrasilportal intentionally collect personal information from users under the age of 18.

4. Protection of Personal Information

4.1. The SailBrasilportal will use its best efforts for the protection provided by internet technology, which is why it is not responsible for damages resulting from its access and/or use by third parties, whether intentionally or negligently.

4.2. All personal data collected will be deleted after the use mentioned above and will never be incorporated into the SailBrasil portal database.

4.3. All personal data collected through the exclusive areas intended for our sponsors will be incorporated into their databases, in compliance with Law 13,709 on the Protection of Personal Data.

4.4. The user guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the personal data provided on this portal, assuming the corresponding responsibility if they are not accurate. The SailBrasil portal assumes no responsibility in case of inaccuracy of the personal data entered by the user.

4.5. The user who enters his personal data may, at any time, request that he be informed of the content thereof, as well as the corrections or deletions he deems convenient, including totals, by simply accessing the “Personal Profile” area, informing his login and password.

4.6. The SailBrasilportal uses the information collected for the following general purposes: (i) to provide the necessary interactivity in the available tools; (ii) improve usability and interactive experience during user navigation on the portal; (iii) prepare general statistics, without identifying the users; (iv) respond to the queries and requests of its users; (v) carry out communication and relationship marketing campaigns, as well as publicize offers from partners. In compliance with Law 13,709 on the Protection of Personal Data, SailBrasil does NOT keep records with user data for purposes of telephone contact, electronic mail, direct mail, SMS or other means of communication.

5. Sending Announcements and Advertising Messages

5.1. Communications and advertising messages sent by e-mail will necessarily include an option to cancel the sending of that type of message by the SailBrasil portal or its sponsors. The request will be answered in the minimum time necessary to carry out this execution.

5.2. The opt-outis done through the user’s e-mail, so users who have more than one registration may continue to receive communications or advertising messages in the e-mail that was not unsubscribed.

5.3. The services for sending e-mails are carried out by the SailBrasil portal, which will use its own servers to send the e-mails.

6. Profile Creation

6.1. The portal will only record and publish information provided directly as part of its services. All information provided when creating a profile can be accessed by users registered on the portal. At any time, the user can remove their information from the portal. At no time will any personal contact information be revealed to any user.

6.2. Any user of the portal can access, download and print the information provided by third parties. We are not responsible for the use or disclosure by third parties of the information that the user voluntarily provides to the portal.

7. External Links

7.1. The portal may have access to links to other external sites whose contents and privacy policies are not the responsibility of the SailBrasilportal. Therefore, we recommend that, when redirected to external websites, users always consult the respective privacy policies before providing their data or information.

8. Changes to our Privacy Policy

8.1. This Privacy Policy is subject to constant improvement. Therefore, we recommend its periodic reading.

8.2. However, if the SailBrasil portal, at any time, promotes a substantial change in the way in which the personal information collected is used, the new conditions of privacy and information security will be informed: a) to the general public, through a prominent announcement on our main page ; and b) to registered users, through electronic communication.

By using the SailBrasil portal, you automatically signify your agreement with the terms and conditions of our Privacy and Protection Policy.

If you have questions or suggestions, please send an email to


It is a text file (.txt) sent by the web server to browsers when a page is visited. The cookie is stored by the browser and is activated each time the page that generated it is accessed again. Cookies contain information relevant to the user, such as preferences.

Cryptography is the science and art of writing messages in ciphered form or in code. It is part of a field of study dealing with secret communications. It is used, among other purposes, to: authenticate the identity of users; authenticate bank transactions; protect the integrity of electronic funds transfers; and protect the secrecy of personal and business communications.

IP adress.
This address is a unique number for each computer connected to the Internet, consisting of a sequence of 4 numbers ranging from 0 to 255 separated by “.”. For example:

Identification of a user before the system. Normally, to gain access, you need to enter your identification (login), followed by your password.

Character sets, known only to the user, used in the process of verifying their identity, ensuring that they really are who they say they are.

Term used to refer to unsolicited emails, which are usually sent to large numbers of people.

Short Message Service (SMS) is a service available on digital cell phones that allows the sending of short messages between these devices and between other handheld devices such as palm and handheld, and even between landlines (landline) .

Program or part of a computer program, normally malicious, that propagates by infecting, that is, inserting copies of itself and becoming part of other programs and files on a computer. The virus depends on the execution of the host program or file so that it can become active and continue the infection process.

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