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Frequently asked questions

NOTE:Given the biannual nature of the digital SailBrasil Magazine, we have the criterion of making the latest digital editions available as part of the annual plan while the plan lasts (there are two SailBrasil Magazine magazines in total within the annual package).

How does auto-renewal work?

SailBrasil does not use automatic renewal for reasons of protection of the holders’ personal data (LGPD – General Law for the Protection of Personal Data) and following transparent and safe practices of storage and protection of the minimum data used to provide access to your subscription. In this way, we do not store credit card information or your CPF and RG information in our databases, which is only used once in secrecy by the PayPal payment company.

To renew your subscription, one month before it expires, we will send you an email with a link for you to renew your subscription for another year. At any time, you can find out what data we have stored through “MY ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT DETAILS”. This data can only be viewed and modified by you when logging in to SailBrasil.

Please note that if you do not renew your subscription, we will not process any future payments. You will still receive the remaining issues of your current subscription and will have access to your sailbrasil.com.br account until the subscription expires.

SailBrasil is about much more than sailing and sailboats; is about the sailing lifestyle and the relationship between humans and the sea, described through short but beautifully told stories, up-to-date information, beautiful design and stunning photography.

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