LGPD – Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (General Personal Data Protection Law)

What is LGPD?

The General Personal Data Protection Act (LGPD) establishes important and mandatory guidelines for the collection, processing and storage of personal data. It was inspired by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which came into force in 2018 in the European Union, bringing great impacts to companies and consumers.

In Brazil, the LGPD (Law No. 13,709, of 8/14/2018) came into force on September 18, 2020, representing an important step for Brazil. As a result, we became part of the group of countries that have specific legislation for the protection of their citizens’ personal data. In view of the current cases of misuse, commercialization and data leakage, the new rules guarantee the right to privacy of Brazilians, in addition to avoiding commercial barriers with other countries.

The legislation is based on several values and has as main objectives:

  • Ensure the right to privacy and protection of personal data of data subjects, through transparent and safe practices, guaranteeing fundamental rights.
  • Establish clear rules on the processing of personal data.
  • Strengthen the security of legal relationships and the holder’s confidence in the processing of personal data, guaranteeing free initiative, free competition and the defense of commercial and consumer relations.
  • Promote competition and free economic activity, including data portability.

SailBrasil is on its LGPD compliance journey. It defined a Person in Charge for the Processing of Personal Data, promoted advances in the systems, prepared an action plan and is advising employees and partners.

Person in charge of the Processing of Personal Data (DPO)

The person in charge of processing SailBrasil’s personal data is Maximilian Immo Orm Gorissen.

To contact the DPO, send an email to: lgpd@sailbrasil.com.br.

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