A SailBrasil Annual Subscription can help you save money by “buying at a discount” products or services directly from our partners.

It is worth remembering that each discount offered by partner companies has its own rules and validity and, therefore, it is very important that you check directly with the chosen company to get to know each one better, ok?

NOTE: SailBrasil is not responsible for the services or products offered. The discount is exclusive to the cardholder. The holder is solely responsible for paying the store or service provider for everything he consumes or buys. The discounts offered are those listed in the list of partners below and have their own rules and validity. To receive the discount, just present the SailBrasil Annual Subscription Card within the expiration date at accredited partners.

List of Partners and discounts offered:

Coninco is proud to offer the most complete line of paints, varnishes, epoxy putties and high performance epoxy and polyester resins with long durability for the nautical sports, recreational and services sector. We also have accessories such as sandpaper, rollers, tapes, etc.

For SailBrasil Subscribers, it offers a 10% discount on the total purchase price of paints, varnishes, putties and resins. Materials needed for the application are not included in the discount.

Address: Av. Manuel Albino, 78 – Ana Rosa – Guarujá – SP – Brazil – ZIP 11431-030

Phones: +55-13-3326-5501 or 13-3326-5504


Pier 26 provides excellent infrastructure for the renovation, docking and maintenance of your vessel.

To SailBrasil Subscribers, it offers a 5% discount on the total amount of the “dayly stay for services” in covered, uncovered, water and “lifting and moving” of vessels up to 30t.

By sea: LAT 24º 00’08.4″S LONG 46º 17’35.1″W

Address: Av. Eugênio Fischer, 300 CING – Guarujá – SP – Brazil – ZIP 11420-730

Phone: +55-13-3344-5500


Yacht Pro, a reference in nautical canvas, has exclusive products and, as a North Sails representative, the highest quality in sailboat sails repairing. Complementing its portfolio, it manufactures and wraps with sticker all types of vessels.

To SailBrasil Subscribers, it offers a 5% discount on the total value of the production of new products.

Address: Av. Luiz Alberto Zanoni, 11 – 1st floor CING – Guarujá – SP – Brazil – ZIP 11420-720

Mobile/ WhatsApp: +55-11-94715-5489

Instagram: @yachtprosail

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