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CompuStream Consultoria Ltda, owner of SailBrasil, was incorporated on May 5, 2000 with the objective of creating innovative business strategies for companies interested in exploring new ways to compete in a market transformed by technology.

After several successful projects, in 2002 we added a new service to the portfolio: International Representation.

As a result, CompuStream started to represent several technology companies and their products in Latin America (Nero Inc, ServiceCentral Technologies, Computone Corporation, among others), promoting sales and managing import, logistics, distribution and support.

In 2008, we launched SailBrasil, an innovative portal for the time, focused on the Brazilian sailing market.

With a competitive advantage and a large number of followers, in 2022, we expanded SailBrasil’s scope by launching the Commercial Representation of products for the nautical market.

SailBrasil has the knowledge and experience to support you in selling your products and services to the Brazilian nautical market.

Max Gorissen

How we work

We aim to promote recurring sales of products for the nautical market, representing your company and its products in Brazil, establishing marketing strategies, promoting local sales and managing logistics, distribution, support and import or export.

For this, we work on two different fronts:


As an agent, SailBrasillooks for the best local business partners and hires them as distributors to develop and explore the market for your products.


As a Distributor, SailBrasilexclusively distributes your products in Brazil, creating new marketing strategies, promoting local sales and managing logistics, distribution, support and imports.

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SailBrasil is about much more than sailing and sailboats; is about the sailing lifestyle and the relationship between humans and the sea, described through short but beautifully told stories, up-to-date information, beautiful design and stunning photography.

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